Maybe my Saturday was just cows, pigs, and carnival rides.

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ImageDo you ever take a day full of photos, thinking you got have great documentation of a beautiful day, but then realize when you look at them that you mostly just took a bunch of pictures of cows, pigs, and the top of a ferris wheel? No? Just me? Glad we got that cleared up.


I would like to point out that the title of this post is an extreme understatement.

My Mountaineers (Yes, “my”) had a 30-21 win over number 11 Oklahoma State, after a less than stellar start to the season. I also got to spend some much needed quality time with my family. We headed over to the Preston Country Buckwheat Festival that evening.

I know everyone sits around their homes wondering what a festival in Preston County, West Virginia is like. Fear not, I’ve got you covered.

Cows, bull, pigs, and goat exhibits. Arts and crafts. A buckwheat pancake dinner. Carnival rides and games. Bingo. Pumpkin funnel cakes!

That pretty much sums it up. It’s pretty country but also a fun tradition. It was great to do something a little different than the usual Saturday, getting to spend it with good friends at the game and good family at the festival. The day was gorgeous! I’m loving that it is beginning to feel like fall around here.



One thought on “Maybe my Saturday was just cows, pigs, and carnival rides.

    casselpulliam said:
    October 2, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    A good time was had by all.

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