Leather Tassel DIY.

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CharmingTassel Demonstration Charming Tassel Purse Demonstration

If you live under a rock, you might not know that leather details are IT this season. That’s why I’m here. To tell you about these things. Pumpkin and leather, ya’ll. It’s what fall is all about.

These leather tassels are a great way to add a little bit of leather into your life, especially if you’re not sure about investing in biker chic. But, I promise you, your wardrobe will thank you for investing in a couple leather pieces or pieces with leather detail.

I had some extra faux leather from a t-shirt restyle lying around and this turned out to be the perfect way to use it up. If you aren’t a craft supply hoarder like I am, you could easily pick up some faux leather from a fabric or craft store for a couple dollars. An old purse or ratty jacket you’re willing to cut up would work too – use your imagination. I’ve seen tassels made with heavier leather than what I used that look really great, too.

There are about a million and one ways to make a tassel, but here’s what worked for me:

 Charming Tassel Cutting

To make your tassel, first trim your leather into a rectangle. For the larger tassel, I cut a 5″x 10″ rectangle and for the smaller one, 3″x 8.” Use the extra that you cut off to create a strip about .5″x 3.5″ (smaller for a smaller tassel) to be tucked in the tassel, creating the tab.

Charming Tassel Lines

Next, cut into the fabric to create a fringe. The larger tassel has a 1/4″ fringe, and the smaller has a 1/8″ fringe. For the first tassel, I marked off lines first, but this is completely optional. I tried using both a rotary cutter and scissors. The rotary cutter obviously made straighter, more uniform lines, but scissors work really well too.

Charming Tassel Fringe

Glue your tab piece in the top corner of the uncut side of leather, creating a loop facing away from the fringe. Place glue, either fabric or hot, along the uncut side of leather and begin rolling the leather. Be sure to make the roll as tight as possible and to glue the last bit down very well.

Tassel in Hair Band

I used hair ties to hold the tassel together while the fabric glue dried over night (is my college showing?).

Finished Tassels

Loop your tassel on a key ring or necklace and that’s it!

CharmingTassel Demonstration Charming Tassel Purse Demonstration

I originally set out to make just the larger tassel as a keychain but ended up actually liking the smaller one as a necklace even more!

You could totally embellish these a million different ways, but I kind of love the simplicity of the plain black leather – perfect for layering.


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