High Five For Friday.

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1. My baby 17 year old sister had her high school soccer senior night this week. I was so proud to be able to be there! Isn’t her senior picture gorgeous?!

Pumpkin Soft Serve

2. Pumpkin soft serve (made with real pumpkin!). Need I say more? Note: that is a small! Whaaaaaaat?

Magpie_and_the_Dandelion_(The_Avett_Brothers)_cover_art   the-lonely-forest-adding-up-the-wasted-hour headandtheheartalbum

3. New albums this week from The Avett Brothers, The Lonely Forest, and The Head and the Heart. My ears are happy. Lots of good tunes on these ones!


4. Not sure what I would do without the brilliant guys I had in my life this week to help me backup and restore my computer. You don’t realize how much you rely on it until your computer crashes every 30 minutes! Plus, I definitely have a crush on that one sitting across the table…


5. Did everyone have little Halloween nuggets growing up or was it just us? It’s always been so fun to dress them up in their little outfits every year. The older I get, the more fun it is to have silly traditions like this. These are a few favorites.

What were your favorite parts of the week?  Do you have any fun things going on this weekend? I’ll be attending/ throwing an alumni tailgate and cheering on the Mountaineers!

*Linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for H54F!


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