Friday Recap. Winning in fun.

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Remember that time I milked a plastic/wooden cow?

Oh? You don’t? Let me rewind a little bit then…


Friday was the second annual College of Business and Economics Olympics! I can sense your enthusiasm from here. Really though, it ended up being a lot of fun.

First our dean lit the Olympic candle torch…


There was pony express…

Pony Express

And hula hooping (Look at that concentration!)…

Hula Hoop

And arm wrestling (Cayla rocked it! But the administrative’s team had a guy with like 50 inch arms, so what can ya do?)…

Arm Wrestling Child Arm Wrestling

And Martin’s BBQ…


And a sponge relay…

Water Bucket

And last, but certainly not least, there was cow milking featuring yours truly…

Cow Milking

All in all, my team finally placed in the egg-on-a-spoon relay race. Third place, that is. What can you really expect from the team that got the “sand” color shirts though?

Isn’t the marketing club team and attractive bunch?


Did we have the least amount of points? Yep – by a long shot. But did we have the most fun earning the least amount of points? There’s no doubt about it!

Score board

Remember that part in my about me where I try to live without embarrassing myself? I put a picture online of me milking a cow, so that’s pretty much shot.

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