Sugar Skull String Art.

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Sugar Skull Home

Is Halloween in two days?

Sure is.

Does that make it a little late to be posting Halloween crafts?


Am I going to anyways?

You betcha!


String art has been all over pinterest and blogs lately and when I saw this tutorial a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to make something. I don’t really do scary though. Don’t get me wrong, the A Beautiful Mess skull looks like a perfectly friendly guy, but sugar skulls are more my thing.

I started by cutting a piece of particle board left over from an old Ikea desk down to size. This was the perfect material because it was already a solid color and I just painted the edges a bright blue.  I printed out a sugar skull outline on a couple pieces of printer paper and taped the paper to the wood.

Skull TemplateI outlined all the details I wanted to add in with string and marked points at all turning points and edges, and about every inch or so for longer lines. Then I nailed the nails on the places I had marked. Note: if you have downstairs neighbors, they might not be too happy if you start to do this inside.

Nails Nails Close Paper

I choose to wrap colored craft thread around each individual nail and between nails, using different colors for each characteristic and green and purple pastels for the skin. I love the way it turned out!


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