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We had the first snowfall of the season around these parts last night. I like this kind of snow – just enough to make it feel special. I’ll have to get back to you in a few months when the ground is icy and the temperature is in the single digits, though.

IMG_4377 tree

There’s nothing like winter weather to make you want to stay in with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Too bad life goes on. I might be working on school work, but I wanted to make my work space a little cozier. I lit a candle and switched out my scent burner with cinnamon and spice wax. The smell of my room has officially caught up with the seasons.


The ceramic candle is a Chesapeake Bay Candle apple pie candle (similar here). Tropical scents are my favorite during the summer months, but as soon as it gets cold, give me cinnamon and vanilla!

While I’m on the subject, these are a couple of my other favorite cold-weather scents for the tart warmer. I love traditional candles (that’s a whole other post on its own), but with the ease of being able to flick a switch and fill the whole room with the smell of cinnamon and spice, count me in!

Fall scents

Talk to me, what scents are you loving right now?


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