Friday Links – NYC Edition.

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In honor of my trip to New York City this weekend, today’s links are all things New York, New York!

Humans of New York. Such a cool blog highlighting the, you guessed it, humans of New York City. HONY just came out with a book as well!

“In New York City, subway conductors have to point at a black and white sign. At every hour of the day. At every stop. They do this to show that they’ve fully arrived on the platform. We decided to show our appreciation for their work.” —Yosef Lerner. This is amazing!

Hah! Trying never to be THAT tourist.

NYC City Hall weddings. Not sure if I would do it but this is such a lovely idea to me.

A Manhattan poster made of nothing but type. Very neat!

Not sure it is still made anymore, but how funny is it that someone designed a candle that smells like The Times?

Sounds of New York.

Watch Four World Trade Center go up in two minutes.

Such a pretty park.

And of course, the old classic New York theme song.

And the new classic. (This gives me such strong memories of my senior prom. Our theme was Empire State of Mind!)

I’ve never been to New York before and have been looking to this weekend forever! (I wish I was exaggerating, but I promise I am not.) I am so excited to experience it!

Tell me, what are some last minute things I HAVE to do or see? Have you been to NYC?

Have a great weekend, wherever you may be!


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