O Christmas Tree.

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I go home every year for Christmas, but I’d like to see someone try to stop me from decorating my school apartment in the time being. I wanted to share the few things I do around here to make it feel a bit more festive.

First, of course, the tree. It’s totally barbie-ized, but if there’s ever a time when it’s okay to totally pink-out and glitter-up decorations, I think it’s now!

  detail 3 detail 2 detail 1


Now for some of the other little details.

snowman 1 snowman 2



IMG_1462 mini tree comp tree

I always put up decorations the week after Thanksgiving, and take them down after finals. It’s kind of a little mind trick I play because just when it feels like the holidays are ending since I put away decorations, they’re really just beginning back at home! It’s like two Christmases!

I’m hoping to look back on these pictures every year and be able to tell that I’ve stepped up my decorating game.

Tell me, how do you decorate? Do you keep it simple or go big?




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