Recipe: Festive Trail Mix.

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This is the quickest and easiest “recipe” that really only involves measuring out some goodies, mixing them together, and finding a container to store the mix in. I mean, you really don’t even need to measure. Just throw some nuts and dried fruit into a mason jar, give it a few shakes and call it a day.

I’m a pro short-cutter, if you hadn’t noticed. At least 50% of the time. The rest of the time I’m making things harder than they need to be, so I guess it evens out. Trail mix doesn’t need to be complicated though. Life lessons, from me to you.

Is it a coincidence that the main colors in this trail mix are red, green, and white, and it’s the middle of December? I think not.


almonds gogi ed

cran yogurt mix

Mix together 1/3 cup each of gogi berries, cranberries, almonds, dry roasted edamame, and yogurt covered somethings (in this case, raisins). Store in a mason jar for optimum charm. Eat as study fuel.

 festive mix

Tell me, have you tried gogi (pronouced “go-gee”)berries? They are supposed to be one of the world’s great “superfoods,” high in antioxidants with cancer-fighting properties. I had never tried them before now, and was surprised at the taste. A little bitterly tangy and a little sweet, but good.



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