Mani Monday.

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I’m waiting for someone to say, “Megan, dude, cool it with the ‘this is perfect for the holiday season’ comments” but the thing is, that’s where my mind is!

I get so so so excited for Christmas time, and I am afraid we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. I have one more final, then I’ll be in full holiday mode. I don’t just love Christmas day though, I love the whole spirit of the season.  It might sound cheesy, but the decorations, family time, baking, glitter, movies, gifting, music, I could go on and on – basically, I love it all.

Let’s let that segway into mani Monday, shall we? Because, you probably guessed it, these nails are perfect for the holiday season! A little sparkle is nice anytime, but red glitter is really perfect right now. I dabbed Sephora by OPI’s “Be-Clause I Said So” (isn’t that such a great name?) over one of my favorite maroon polishes, Revlon’s “Cherry Crush”. That’s what I call a good study break!


Tell me, do you love the holiday season as much as I do? Any Scrooges out there? What are your favorite nail colors this time of year?




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