High Five for Friday.

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1. I had to come back to school early for work, but it wasn’t all bad because the boyfriend got to come with for a week! Most of the year, he is 250 miles away, so this week was so so so so nice.


2. We have been chain watching Game of Thrones and I’m a little bit addicted. It’s one of those shows that you can just watch and watch and not get sick off. I didn’t think I like fantasy-like things, but I’m loving this show. My mind is blown every single episode.


pizzapad thainana

3. Sometimes I feel like all I do is eat when Michael is here. In any case, we had some pretty yummy things this week.

4. I couldn’t write about the high five this week without mentioning that Thursday was my last first day of classes (In the foreseeable future. For undergrad studies at least). Feels weird.

On that note, Gordon Gee has become WVU’s interim president. I’ve heard such great things about him. This video of his top 10 reasons for returning to WVU is so cute.

5. I had a little scare this week when I lost an important (and expensive…) continuous glucose monitor. My apartment and office were torn apart with no luck. Long story short, so many little things aligned just right for it to be found frozen to a window ledge.  I am so incredibly lucky that it is back in my possession and works! Finding it was one of the happiest moments of the week!

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend!



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    […]               One of the most fun parts of spending an extended amount of time with the boyfriend last week was getting to cook together. A lot of people my age might say things like “going to the bar […]

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