Weekend Links.

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I’m kinda always sharing pictures of Woodburn aren’t I? Trying to take it in as much as I can while I still can. I loved this shot I got walking home the other evening.

Long time no post, friends. Sorry for the absence. I have so many posts on my mind but finding the time to snap pictures and write thoughts out was hard this past week. Do you ever have those times? The next 8 weeks of university are looking just as busy, so I’m working on balancing it all out.

I may not be writing posts, but I am reading them. Here are some fun things from around the web for this snowy Sunday afternoon (It is snowy at least – we’re supposed to get upwards of a foot! Again…) It only took me six or seven “Friday Links” posts for me to call these posts “Weekend Links” and take the pressure off posting them on Friday morning.

Tips for getting the most out of Netflix.

This wallpaper. Gah! So pretty.

This post on facial symmetry is so interesting. I think I would be scared now to see mine!

One of my favorite vines.

On changing dream. This hit home and was so encouraging.

Such a clever, cute, and easy blanket makeover.

Cult lipsticks.

The coolest paper dresses. Can’t wait to see the Oscar interpretations!

I’m not a big pancake eater but earl grey tea latte pancakes sound yummy.

Model names. Today mine’s Egan Gris. Much more exotic.

Free rides for writers. I love when social media posts start something great!

Jonathan Adler AND TOMS? This is a collab I can get behind.

How was your weekend? How about the weather where you are?




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