Oscar Favorites.

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Okay, so today is less of an “Inspiration Monday” and more of an “In-Your-Dreams Monday.”

I know a lot of people are going to be posting their favorite Oscar looks today. I tried to avoid it, I really did, but of course I have my thoughts. Just can’t help it! First, I hate to admit, but there weren’t really any dresses that I was absolutely blown away with. There were a lot of “meh” looks for me but so many beautiful ones as well – even ones I loved (and would love to wear while I live my glamorous life. Dior to the grocery store? I think yes. Hah!).

Meryl was classic and tasteful, per usual, and I was surprised to find that Olga Kurylenko’s dress was eco-friendly. Here are a few of my other favorites:

Lupita does not wrong.

Jared looked great from bow tie to tuxedo stripe, and it’s official – I want his hair.

Really disliked the straps of Charlize’s dress, but adored the bottom detail.

Kate Blanchett. Stunning.

Last but certainly not least, Angelina’s dress. She makes a sequin chevron print look so pretty and understated.

What are your thoughts?



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