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So many pretty skies lately! It’s been a relaxing spring break week for this girl spent with some of my favorite people. You know how it goes – a little shopping, some good food, lovely weather, and amazing company – the elements of a great vacation. Midterms and spring break will both be finished this week and I’ll get back on my blogging game.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! Here are a few goodies from around the web:

From the makers of the cronut

Have you seen this SJP interview? Watch it! Adorable.

Where are the most selfies taken? More importantly, why is this so interesting?

Countries made of food. West Virginia is a total mess in the U.S. map but this is still so cool.

Things you should never say to a beauty junkie. #2 and #9.

Tips for visiting the U.S. from the Japanese. Oh America…Hah.

Love this bathing suit. Could never justify it, but it’s fabulous in both colors.

Life rules from Jenna Lyons. Love Jenna. Need to listen to her.

Funny outtakes

Always impressed with Ikea hacks.




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