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enjoy today

Hi all! Isn’t that such a great little motto? Goes perfect with the #100happydays challenge. How was your week? Hope you had a great one! My weekend will consist of working on a couple marketing plans, takeout sushi, and going the Pirates game tomorrow! I have a packed week, so I am trying to get a headstart on some work things. Per usual weekend, I have quite a few funsies to share with you from around the internet!

April means both Mad Men and Game of Thrones return. Yes! Speaking of GoT, if you’re into it, this emoji recap sums it up perfectly.

Seriously, social media’s place in this world is so fascinating. This TED Talk about using online data is an interesting one.

This dancing ability kills me. So impressive.

How to be successful. Noted.

Do you use Amazon Smile? Add smile. to the front of any Amazon link and they donate a percentage of purchases to the charity of your choice.

This advice might have been helpful Friday morning.

An awesome  MASH sweatshirt! And the memories come flooding back…

You are only two steps away from a bathing suit beach body. Love this!

Take me to Paris.

Naming products sounds like a dream job.

Emoji shoes. Hah! It was only a matter of time.

One of my favorite brands has expanded to coffee.

Target thoughts. Every. Single. Time.

I want to eat these spice crab wonton nachos.

Yoga makes you a nicer person.




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