Let’s Catch Up.

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Decent amount of time no post, huh? I realized early on that if this little ol’ blog took away from living life, I would probably tire of it reaaaal quick. #bloggeroftheyear #not

Well, now here we are a week later and I missed blogging! My queue on Bloglovin’ will tell you that I haven’t been reading many blogs either, unfortunately. Both change right now.

Honestly, the marketing plans and university portfolio I’ve been working on are probably not the most interesting things to hear about. Part of the reason I blog, though, is to document the cool little things in my life. I have been up to some fun things lately, believe it or not, so without further ado…

WVU Gold-Blue Game


This is the spring game my university has every year. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and perfect for my business fraternity’s, Alpha Kappa Psi’s, spring alumni tailgate. Cornhole, tailgating food, and the Mountaineer (who happens to be a brother of the fraternity, too!) – what more could you need (okay…and drinks)?

Yellow Rose

yellow rose

Yellow Rose is the annual spring formal of AKPsi and was such a crazy fun time. I’ll just leave you with some pictures from the night and say I realized how much I’m going to miss these people next year!

Girl’s Shopping Trip


My momma, her best friend, and my sister took a trip to Easton and Polaris shopping centers in Columbus for a couple days last weekend and it was so nice! Did I mention that we left the morning after Yellow Rose? Whew. Rough. Katie (that’s the sis) and I both needed graduation dresses, so of course we had to make an event of it. We came out of it with some great finds and a ton of inside jokes. Seriously, the trip was so fun.

PNC Roll of Academic Excellence


This is a award given to business students for academics. Really, the good part was that my dad came to town for the ceremony. The afternoon was not near enough time to spend together. I’m a shameless daddy’s girl for life.

And more…!


Not too much more. Eating Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil (so good!), playing Qwirkle (Has anyone else ever played?), and channeling warm weather with pastels. 

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Do you have the bipolar weather we’ve had? Are you sick of everyone talking about it?

Have a great day!




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