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How has everyone’s weekend been? I finished a semester-long project, had some quality time with great friends, and actually got a full nights sleep. Said a few goodbyes in the last couple days and am getting pumped for this summer. Sitting on my back porch tonight looking at the pretty view above and saw the mosaic below on a walk this morning. Sometimes this little town of ours isn’t so bad. Sappiness aside, here are a few fun links from around the interwebs. Have a great one, friends!

photo 1



Hahaha to this hipster pinboard.

Could you live in 84 square feet?

A magic button.

How do you feel about Birkenstocks?

That Jenna Lyons… She’s a marketing master.

Everything Will and Kate is perfect. This video included.

An important viewpoint on fashion.

Love the look of this office.

Um, YES I want to learn to dance like Beyonce.

I love when old is combined with new. Social media icons on Edward Hopper paintings.

These rejections sent to famous people are oddly comforting.

I got a chance to smell the new Dolce & Gabana Dolce and ooh, its good.

21 things you need to know about West Virginia.

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