Classics you need to know.

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So, here’s the thing. If we are on a first name basis, and you don’t understand a Karma Chameleon reference, I feel that it is my duty to remedy that dire situation. This was the case a few weeks ago with the boyfriend, but I’m glad to say he’s now come to the bright side.

Real talk: I was in an 80s themed musical in high school (Oh, you want photos? I am not that brave.). Not that it really gives me any expertise on 80s music, but let’s pretend, shall we?

Here are a few songs from the 80s that I feel like everyone needs to know. It was hard not to pick a hundred, but these are the ones that I jam out to most regularly.


Oh gosh. So good/bad. Runner-ups include Jessie’s Girl and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, of course.

Tell me, did you know them all? I promise I will try to not let it affect our friendship if not. Am I missing any great ones?




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