May Julep Maven.

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I had full intentions on getting this post up in a timely manner. There was some sort of postage delay with Julep though, which meant I didn’t get my box until this past week. C’est la vie.


Anyways, I was really excited for this month’s box. I picked the Boho Glam box which included Jeanne and Paulette.

Julep Maven

Jeanne is a jet-set blue crème and Paulette is a lilac tulle shimmer. I don’t typically go for shimmer, but the golden undertones in Paulette are so beautiful.


As you can see, Jeanne is a bit darker in real life than on the Julep site.


The colors options were so-so, but I was super excited to try out the new Plié Wand. Julep says the wand is “ergonomically designed to bring more control, accuracy, and fun to every polishing experience.” The box came with the Plié overcap & precision brush. Basically, the wand magnetizes on to nail polish brushes to make painting your nails easier. It may be kind of gimmicky, but was fun to try out. Honestly, I feel comfortable with my nail polishing skills, but I see how this could help people who aren’t. There are also dotting and stripe tool add-ons that would be really nice to have.


Unfortunately, I think this is the last month of Julep Maven for me.


For one, I have a ton of polish. (Not that you can really ever have enough… Haha) Plus, $20 a month on nail polish is just not something I need to be spending while I’m still looking for a full time job. I do love the polish though. Julep Maven, I’ll miss you.

If you’re interested, you can get your first box free here with the code “free box” (only $2.99 shipping!).

I have a feeling I’ll be hunting for some new drugstore polish soon. What are your favorite brands and summer colors?




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