High Five for Friday.

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This Friday came quickly didn’t it? Perks of having busy days, I guess. What do you have going on this long weekend? I hope it involves rest, relaxation, and lots of fun! I have graduation celebrating and some much anticipated pool time on the agenda.

Here are some of the highs from my week:

1. #1 goes out to my “baby” sister Katie. She went to senior prom last weekend and graduates tonight. We bicker like all good sisters do, but I am incredibly proud of her! Wasn’t she stunning last Saturday?!


2. My favorite young family had their third baby, Davis, a couple weeks ago and I was finally able to go visit this week. My younger sister and I have been babysitting the older two, Jude and Anna, for years, and I am so overjoyed to see their family grow by one more. Gah, look how adorable he is!!

Baby Davis

3. As you know, I turned 22 on Monday. 22 doesn’t feel much different than 21, but it’s good. The day was complete with an awesome West Virginia gift basket from my brother (Complete with wine and WV beer. Heyyyy. He knows me well) and plenty of cheesecake. I also spent (read: lost) $1 on slots at the racetrack. Yep, high roller right here.


4. You guys, I never win anything (see #3), but I did win a giveaway from The Feminine Files for a The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter and Body Scrub! They came in the mail this week and ohmygodddd, the peach smells so good! I’m pumped to smell delicious all summer. Thanks again, Kristina!


5. Brindle actually let me get a photo of him! He used to hate cameras. Like, he would let you have your phone, but as soon as the camera app opened, he bolted. How he knew, I have no idea. I think he has just gotten so old now that it is too much work to get up and leave. Loving all the pup snuggles I get at home.





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