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I was given three extraordinary pieces of advice for life during one of my graduation ceremonies a couple weeks ago. I am documenting them here for both my own sake, and to share them with you. Here are the tips, a little bit about each of them, and how I’m translating them to my life.

1. Get uncomfortable.

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Comfort may be easy, but taking risks and living adventurously makes life worth living. The fear that comes with being uncomfortable is a good thing. Getting uncomfortable gifts new insights, experiences, humility, and respect. You never know what you can accomplish until you reach for new goals. One of my favorite Nelson Mandela quotes is “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” You can do so much more than you can even imagine, but just have to keep making yourself uncomfortable to make it happen.

This might be the first time I have announced this on That Charming Life, but I will be moving to Arizona in July with the boyfriend. That’s 2,000 miles out of my comfort zone, away from friends, family, and the state I have lived in for 22 years. I am definitely a little uncomfortable with it, but right now is the perfect time. I’m learning that change can be exciting and doesn’t have to be so scary.

2. Be outraged.

What moves you? What are you passionate about? Don’t disregard your passion, but rather use your outrage for good. Care about “the issues” and do something meaningful. The world is a messy place. There are things to change (hello poverty, public health, water, energy, the list goes on) and we need to be the ones to do it (because we have the tools to do it!). I think something important here is that not everyone will like you and all the things you have to say, but that is okay.

This one I am still working on. There are certainly things I care for and feel outraged about (besides make-up, crafts, and fashion, believe it or not) and I want to make sure to be a bystander, but a positive presence.


3. Go on an adventure.

There is a whole world out there to explore and now is as good as time as any to do it! If fact, it may very well be now or never. Adventure can be found in many ways, but we have to take the time to experience it. Often, though not always, adventure is travel. There are excuses that absolutely prevent people from traveling. I quote the ceremony speaker, Emily Calandrelli in saying:

“There will be so many excuses not to [travel while you’re young]. You’ll say it’s too expensive, that you’re just a poor graduate student, or that you can’t afford to leave research, or work, or school, or your girlfriend, or your boyfriend right now, but these excuses, they’re dangerous because you’ll continue to make them and the most dangerous risk of all is spending your life not doing what you want on the bet that you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later. But later comes with more responsibilities, more obligations, less flexibility.”

So, I’m making time now. Adventure is prioritized in how I approach life and that is not something I will compromise. I do hope to find adventure in day to day life. Today, however, I am traveling. I leave on an trip to Europe – visiting Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria later today. Like, I am all packed up and ready to go to the airport. It’s a bit of a graduation present (to myself) and an experience I have been waiting anxiously for.

Tell me, do you have any life advice to share? What is an adventure you have taken recently?



(P.S. I have posts lined up for next week, but will be back in a couple weeks.)


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