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I met Franchesca of City Mermaid my first weekend of college and we’ve been friends ever since. She has even been my roommate for the past two years! The stories we have about each other… you don’t even want to know. Franchesca was kinda enough to share her travel essentials today. Thanks so much Franchesca! She is a serious beauty guru, so go check her out!


Hi everyone!

My name is Franchesca and I blog over at City Mermaid. I mainly blog about all things beauty but every now and then I like to blog about different topics. I was asked by Megan to do a guest post while she’s away on trip to Europe, and I was more than happy to do so. As she is traveling she figured we would stick with that theme, so today I’ll be sharing my travel essentials. These are items I would bring on any vacation I will be on.


Here They Are….

Travel Pillow and sleep mask: A necessity if you’re traveling for more than two hours, whether you are driving, flying, or on rail a travel pillow will make your travel more comfortable. Luckily if you do forget it airports typically sell them.

Reading Material: A magazine and a book are great ways to pass time during long trips and they are great for the beach as well.


Tablet: This may not be a necessity but it’s definitely something I like to have on hand. I can read books, play games, watch TV shows, movies, and browse the web all in one place. Definitely more convenient that bringing your computer.

Moisturizing Products: Something about the flying and lying out in the sun dehydrates my skin and my hair. For my skin my go to hydrating mask is the Nars aqua gel luminous mask. This mask is glorious and will hydrate your skin after a long day in the sun. Not only those vacationing dry out my skin but my hair takes a beating as well. Nothing like the sun, salt water and pool water to dry out your hair. A deep hair mask is vital for the survival of my hair. My current favorite is the Shea Moisture deep treatment masque, if you have thick curly hair definitely give this a go. Lip balm and body lotion are a must as well.


Face Wipe: There is nothing like getting on a plane with a face of makeup to break you out, so defiantly carry some face wipe to allow your face to breath. No one wants breakouts on vacation.

The Day to Day Essentials

o   Sunglasses are a must!

o   Cell Phone to keep me sane

o   Camera to capture all the awesome things you will do!


Hope this list is helpful to you all! If you are traveling have a blast and safe travels!

Have a lovely day!

xoxo Frachesca |


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