Regensburg, Germany.

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Let’s talk about Regensburg, Germany for a minute, shall we? Regensburg was “just” a quick stop between Munich and Prague, but really, Regensburg is not just anything. It’s spectacular. I only spent an afternoon in the city of just under 140,000 people, but an afternoon was all that was needed to convince me of its’ amazement.

Regensburg is a postcard central European town. Located where the Regen and Danube rivers meet, Regensburg is full of cafe- and shop-lined walkways. Sunshine, cobblestone streets, and kiwi gelato – I’m convinced this is really all I need in life.

Luck would have it that our stop in Regensburg coincided with German Catholic Day. German Catholic day only takes place once every four years and travels to difference cities each time, so it really was a coincidence. It also meant that the usually quaint and relatively quite city was bustling.

Even with so many people, Regensburg has a charming quality not found elsewhere. I would even go so far to say that this was one of my top favorite visits on the trip (though I’m pretty sure I have said that about each place at some point). We spent time traveling the streets and seeing the sites, and I have to say, I wouldn’t mind to go back.

Regensburg is known for its’ stone bridge, the Porta Praetoria (a Roman gateway and Germany’s most ancient stone building), and the St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Fun fact – Regensburg’s sister city is Tempe, Arizona. Guess who is moving near the Tempe area next month? That’s right, this girl!

So, take a look at a few photos from the day, and maybe fall in love a little bit just like I did.



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Imperial Europe 065


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Imperial Europe 066 ???????????????????????????????

Imperial Europe 045


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