Saturday Happenings.

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This week, I have a boyfriend’s birthday to celebrate, posts planned every day, a mile-long to do list ready to be tackled, and Fourth of July to look forward to, so it is looking like a good one, but first, I want to share a little bit of this weekend (gosh, whatta run-on sentence).

My town has an annual week-long series of events call Festivall. There is SO MUCH packed into ten days – theater productions, concerts, art walk, foodie events, riverboat rides, galas, a chili cook-off, wine/beer/music festivals, and other events of all kinds. I had been feeling a little bit under the weather but was so glad to be up to going out Saturday afternoon for the Capitol Street Art Fair and “Go to Hale” events. Here’s a little bit of what I saw.

014 016

032 031

030 029


There is the Festivall catfish display (say what?) and the painted Rain Barrel Tour. Both are decorated by local artisans and groups, which is pretty cool.


027 026 024

023 020

There were so many great vendors this year, including one who would make custom beads on the spot! I am always impressed at art fairs, but this one really was quality. Love those cards made with vintage napkins.


035 034

I had been looking forward to shopping at Kinship Goods since the store moved into the area, and this weekend pop-up shop was the perfect chance! I snatched up this t-shirt and card, but loved everything!

042 041

040 038

After the fair, we headed over to the farmers market and a local bakery. (I can’t wait to share a recipe using the bread and tomatoes on Wednesday!)

So, that’s all – a simple Saturday. I was glad to spend an afternoon with the fam walking the streets of my hometown before the big move to Phoenix (coming up in under two weeks!). Did you do anything fun this weekend?



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