Weekend Links (Early on a Monday Morning).

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Golden flowers

Hi guys! Honestly, I have so much fun rounding up links I’ve seen weekly, and usually, if I skip too many weeks, the list gets unbearably long. So this week, early in the hours of Monday morning, you’re getting a few “Weekend Links,” if your interested. You know, for like if you’re really not feeling the work you should be doing. Bad, I know. Anyways, I hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend and have an even better week coming up! I’ll be sharing a bit of my Saturday later today but tell me, what did you do fun this weekend?

Beer companies always seem to have some of the best advertising, don’t they? I laughed so hard at this commercial. If Great Britain won the Revolutionary War.

These are definitely some places on earth that I would love to visit!

Ramadan coinciding with the World Cup sounds intense.

My life long fashion motto.

Affirmations for 20-somethings.

OHMYGAH. Alexa Chung nail polish.

Please let me work at Buzzfeed (because of this).

Laughing over this print.

I don’t even like bloody marys, but this one is on a whole other level. (Does everyone else say “whole ‘nother” level? Spelling out “whole other” felt weirrrrd)

Difficult dance moves in slow motion. Beautiful.

HAHAH. Oh Iceland.



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