High Five for Friday.

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Happy Friday! And better yet, Happy Independence Day to those in the U.S.A.! I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing! My whole family will be under one roof, which I am so looking forward too. I’ll be getting ready for the move this week (in 6 days! Whaaat?!), but will be sure to squeeze in some pool/ bbq/ firework time too. What are you up to?

Here are some of my highlights from the week. Have a great weekend and be safe!


1. My baby (read: one week away from 18 years old) sister swam in her last home swim meet at our summer pool this week. This makes me feel so old and brings back so many memories in that pool.

 photo 1 (2) photo 2 (3)

2. That new car smell. Ahh. Car shopping somehow makes me feel more like an adult than I ever have before, while also making me feel more like a child than I ever have before. Go figure.

3. I had a farmer’s market/ dinner date with my mom last night. Wild ladies, right? We went to Black Sheep Burrito & Brews. Actually, I was there twice this week (the other time on Michael’s birthday), so I guess you could say it is pretty good.

photo (2)

4. I’ve been working on refinishing this desk. It is a super tedious process and doesn’t look like much now, but hoping it turns out well in the end.

5. And for July fourth, I found these too funny:








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