Weekend links.

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I hope you are too busy laying on a beach somewhere to be reading blogs, but just in case you are exploring the internet a little bit today, here are some cool things I have seen around lately.

Of all the videos of fireworks from Friday (and there are a lot!), in my opinion, this one is the absolute coolest! Fireworks filmed with a drone.

Cocktail snow cones. Mmmm.

The reality of Instagram vs. non-Instagram life. Hah.

Describing color is tricky.

Floral office chairs are so pretty.

I have home decor on the mind, and am loving these minimal bohemian living rooms.

This guide to swimming holes in the U.S. and Canada could be very useful.

Rhubarb strawberry margaritas are on my to do list.

The 20-something nursery rhyme is funny and motivating. Thanks for sharing it Sarah!

Lovely nails.

Anatomy of a dance hit.



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