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With any new apartment comes new rooms that need pretty decorative touches. Since I am moving into a new apartment this week, of course I have decorating on the mind. I spent the past three years in a humble college apartment so while I’ve collected a fair amount of kitchen items and little knick knacks, I’m looking for a few new things to make a house feel like a home.

Of course I need practical items. However, in my opinion, the not-so-practical pieces are so much more fun to look for, so I’ve done  a little round up of some of the things I’m liking.

I have always had a very colorful eclectic style when it comes to homegoods, but I find myself drawn to a lot of black and white and neutrals right now.


1 // I’m so excited to have plants around. Hopefully I can at least keep a few succulents alive! These vessels are delicate and perfect for planting.

2 // Gotta have somewhere to store your wine, right? Love the wood and simplicity of this.

3 // Candles 100% complete a space. I have a ton of Bath & Body Works candles, which are great, but Diptyque candles have such a classic look and have been on my wishlist for a while.

4 // A big-girl apartment means so more taping up old posters to the wall. I’m looking forward to printing some photos and hanging them in frames.

5 // Storage baskets are great for storing quilts and blankets in the corner of the living room.

6 – crosses, triangles, stripes // I ADORE the look of a bunch of black and white, geometric-printed pillows gathered on a couch.

What do you think? Any homeware pieces you’re loving right now?




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