High Five for Friday.

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1. Arizona sunsets. So beautiful. Like, every single night.

Nail art

2. I’m loving this nail combo of a light pink color and a rose gold accent.


3. Went for lunch and had this. BLTs with egg are definitely a new favorite.


4. Finally finished breaking bad this week. I know, way late to the party. Season 5 was probably my favorite. Have you watched it?

ggiveaway 2014-07-15 10.30.18

5. And last but not least, This week,a few of us ladies teamed up for a summer beauty haul giveaway, worth $50. If beauty-related things aren’t your cup of tea, feel free to disregard this completely (and I promise to post some more Europe pictures next week!), but if you like free beauty items, read on!

The giveaway will be live through Monday, July 28 at 11:59pm EST, so if you’re interested, be sure to enter in the next few days (International readers outside of the USA are welcome to enter, but will have to pay for shipping if chosen as a winner).

Here’s what’s included: Hard Candy Nail Color – in Bachelor Party, Sally Hansen I ♥ Nail Art Tool Kit, Remington Head Band, Long Chain Necklace with Stone Casted Owl Pendant, Hard Candy That’s How Eye Roll – in Drama, NYC Sun ‘n’ Bronze – in Hamptons Radiance, NYC Great Last Lip Color – in Traffic Jam, NYC Liquid Lipshine – in Nude York City, NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, Kiss Nail Dress set – neon Aztec pattern in both Full and French

Enter here: Summer Beauty Haul and good luck!




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