High Five For Friday

High Five for Friday.

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1. Arizona sunsets. So beautiful. Like, every single night.

Nail art

2. I’m loving this nail combo of a light pink color and a rose gold accent.


3. Went for lunch and had this. BLTs with egg are definitely a new favorite.


4. Finally finished breaking bad this week. I know, way late to the party. Season 5 was probably my favorite. Have you watched it?

ggiveaway 2014-07-15 10.30.18

5. And last but not least, This week,a few of us ladies teamed up for a summer beauty haul giveaway, worth $50. If beauty-related things aren’t your cup of tea, feel free to disregard this completely (and I promise to post some more Europe pictures next week!), but if you like free beauty items, read on!

The giveaway will be live through Monday, July 28 at 11:59pm EST, so if you’re interested, be sure to enter in the next few days (International readers outside of the USA are welcome to enter, but will have to pay for shipping if chosen as a winner).

Here’s what’s included: Hard Candy Nail Color – in Bachelor Party, Sally Hansen I ♥ Nail Art Tool Kit, Remington Head Band, Long Chain Necklace with Stone Casted Owl Pendant, Hard Candy That’s How Eye Roll – in Drama, NYC Sun ‘n’ Bronze – in Hamptons Radiance, NYC Great Last Lip Color – in Traffic Jam, NYC Liquid Lipshine – in Nude York City, NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, Kiss Nail Dress set – neon Aztec pattern in both Full and French

Enter here: Summer Beauty Haul and good luck!




High Five for Friday.

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Happy Friday! And better yet, Happy Independence Day to those in the U.S.A.! I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing! My whole family will be under one roof, which I am so looking forward too. I’ll be getting ready for the move this week (in 6 days! Whaaat?!), but will be sure to squeeze in some pool/ bbq/ firework time too. What are you up to?

Here are some of my highlights from the week. Have a great weekend and be safe!


1. My baby (read: one week away from 18 years old) sister swam in her last home swim meet at our summer pool this week. This makes me feel so old and brings back so many memories in that pool.

 photo 1 (2) photo 2 (3)

2. That new car smell. Ahh. Car shopping somehow makes me feel more like an adult than I ever have before, while also making me feel more like a child than I ever have before. Go figure.

3. I had a farmer’s market/ dinner date with my mom last night. Wild ladies, right? We went to Black Sheep Burrito & Brews. Actually, I was there twice this week (the other time on Michael’s birthday), so I guess you could say it is pretty good.

photo (2)

4. I’ve been working on refinishing this desk. It is a super tedious process and doesn’t look like much now, but hoping it turns out well in the end.

5. And for July fourth, I found these too funny:







High Five for Friday.

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I am writing this in advance, so I can’t be 100% certain, but I am going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say that my five highlights for the week are

Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. Just a hunch. ; ) Have a great weekend!



High Five for Friday.

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This Friday came quickly didn’t it? Perks of having busy days, I guess. What do you have going on this long weekend? I hope it involves rest, relaxation, and lots of fun! I have graduation celebrating and some much anticipated pool time on the agenda.

Here are some of the highs from my week:

1. #1 goes out to my “baby” sister Katie. She went to senior prom last weekend and graduates tonight. We bicker like all good sisters do, but I am incredibly proud of her! Wasn’t she stunning last Saturday?!


2. My favorite young family had their third baby, Davis, a couple weeks ago and I was finally able to go visit this week. My younger sister and I have been babysitting the older two, Jude and Anna, for years, and I am so overjoyed to see their family grow by one more. Gah, look how adorable he is!!

Baby Davis

3. As you know, I turned 22 on Monday. 22 doesn’t feel much different than 21, but it’s good. The day was complete with an awesome West Virginia gift basket from my brother (Complete with wine and WV beer. Heyyyy. He knows me well) and plenty of cheesecake. I also spent (read: lost) $1 on slots at the racetrack. Yep, high roller right here.


4. You guys, I never win anything (see #3), but I did win a giveaway from The Feminine Files for a The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter and Body Scrub! They came in the mail this week and ohmygodddd, the peach smells so good! I’m pumped to smell delicious all summer. Thanks again, Kristina!


5. Brindle actually let me get a photo of him! He used to hate cameras. Like, he would let you have your phone, but as soon as the camera app opened, he bolted. How he knew, I have no idea. I think he has just gotten so old now that it is too much work to get up and leave. Loving all the pup snuggles I get at home.




High Five for Friday.

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Happy Friday, friends! The pool opens this weekend, it’s pretty much officially birthday week, I’m visiting Blacksburg, and things are feeling good. Hope you have a great weekend! Here are five highlights from my week.

1. Graduation definitely takes the cake.


2. This week had some gorgeous days which made for some beautiful driving. I’m loving all the green and trying to soak up all of wild and wonderful WV before moving across the country. There were also a couple nighttime thunderstorms this week and I’m not complaining about that one bit.


3. On that note, April showers are bringing May flowers. Guys, SPRING IS HERE!


4. I’ve been down in Blacksburg since Wednesday. The quirks of this town are adorable. Sushi dinners don’t hurt.


5. I’m visiting for Michael’s graduation weekend. It might make him a Hokie instead of a Mountaineer, but I’m so proud!



High Five for Friday.

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1. I had to come back to school early for work, but it wasn’t all bad because the boyfriend got to come with for a week! Most of the year, he is 250 miles away, so this week was so so so so nice.


2. We have been chain watching Game of Thrones and I’m a little bit addicted. It’s one of those shows that you can just watch and watch and not get sick off. I didn’t think I like fantasy-like things, but I’m loving this show. My mind is blown every single episode.


pizzapad thainana

3. Sometimes I feel like all I do is eat when Michael is here. In any case, we had some pretty yummy things this week.

4. I couldn’t write about the high five this week without mentioning that Thursday was my last first day of classes (In the foreseeable future. For undergrad studies at least). Feels weird.

On that note, Gordon Gee has become WVU’s interim president. I’ve heard such great things about him. This video of his top 10 reasons for returning to WVU is so cute.

5. I had a little scare this week when I lost an important (and expensive…) continuous glucose monitor. My apartment and office were torn apart with no luck. Long story short, so many little things aligned just right for it to be found frozen to a window ledge.  I am so incredibly lucky that it is back in my possession and works! Finding it was one of the happiest moments of the week!

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend!



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High Five for Friday.

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Here are five of my favorite things from the week:

nsync christmas

1. I’ve been jammin’ (yes, jammin’) to the 90’s Christmas Pandora station all week. Check it out! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSync is impossible not to sing along to.


2. I received beautiful flowers this week. It was so unexpected and such a lovely surprise. They came in a silver vase, which I basically adore, obviously. Seriously, thank you Michael!


3. On Monday, I sold concessions as a fundraiser. We were there for 5 hours, but it went by fast. Thankful for that. Look how marvelous we looked in the required uniforms. Hah!


4. I had a couple little crafting sessions this week. I’ll share more next week, but this is a little sneak peak. Holiday crafts are the best!

5. As of this week, I’ve finished up three out of five classes! That makes me that much closer to break and the end of the semester.

What were your favorite things this week? I hope you have a great weekend! I’ve off to put on my Christmas sweater and do a little celebrating.



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