Weekend Links

Weekend Links.

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Bloom Bud Vase


Happy almost-Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I moved into the new apartment last week (yay!) and spent this weekend organizing and Ikea-shopping. I start a new job tomorrow, so it’s a busy time, for sure. Of course I’ve still seen some fun links around. Have a great week!



How to ride a bike in a skirt. Genius!

CANNOT wait to see this movie!

7 things you need to stop doing to be more productive (backed by science). If only it was that easy.

5 ingredient salted caramel peanut butter truffles with raw. salted. vegan. caramel. Yes please.

What’s the font of the future?

How to peel a mango. Again, genius.

If you haven’t seen this, “what I Instagrammed vs. what was really happening,” please do. It’s hilarious and all too real.

Peach and blackberry teagaritas sound great.

Gold tattoos!

Surprisingly sweet greeting cards.

Buying Twitter followers is a thing? Please don’t… Interesting read, though (spoiler: it can actually lead to real followers).

8 fantastic entertaining tips.


Weekend links.

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photo 3 (1)

I hope you are too busy laying on a beach somewhere to be reading blogs, but just in case you are exploring the internet a little bit today, here are some cool things I have seen around lately.

Of all the videos of fireworks from Friday (and there are a lot!), in my opinion, this one is the absolute coolest! Fireworks filmed with a drone.

Cocktail snow cones. Mmmm.

The reality of Instagram vs. non-Instagram life. Hah.

Describing color is tricky.

Floral office chairs are so pretty.

I have home decor on the mind, and am loving these minimal bohemian living rooms.

This guide to swimming holes in the U.S. and Canada could be very useful.

Rhubarb strawberry margaritas are on my to do list.

The 20-something nursery rhyme is funny and motivating. Thanks for sharing it Sarah!

Lovely nails.

Anatomy of a dance hit.



Weekend Links (Early on a Monday Morning).

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Golden flowers

Hi guys! Honestly, I have so much fun rounding up links I’ve seen weekly, and usually, if I skip too many weeks, the list gets unbearably long. So this week, early in the hours of Monday morning, you’re getting a few “Weekend Links,” if your interested. You know, for like if you’re really not feeling the work you should be doing. Bad, I know. Anyways, I hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend and have an even better week coming up! I’ll be sharing a bit of my Saturday later today but tell me, what did you do fun this weekend?

Beer companies always seem to have some of the best advertising, don’t they? I laughed so hard at this commercial. If Great Britain won the Revolutionary War.

These are definitely some places on earth that I would love to visit!

Ramadan coinciding with the World Cup sounds intense.

My life long fashion motto.

Affirmations for 20-somethings.

OHMYGAH. Alexa Chung nail polish.

Please let me work at Buzzfeed (because of this).

Laughing over this print.

I don’t even like bloody marys, but this one is on a whole other level. (Does everyone else say “whole ‘nother” level? Spelling out “whole other” felt weirrrrd)

Difficult dance moves in slow motion. Beautiful.

HAHAH. Oh Iceland.


Weekend Links.

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photo 1 (1)

Happy weekend, but more importantly, happy summer (or winter, depending on where you may be)! It has felt like summer for a while around here, but it’s still is nice to know it’s officially summer, you know? I’m currently loving blooming flowers (see above), sunshine, quality family time, and planning the big move to Phoenix.

Here are some links from around the internet, just in case you’re doing a little blog reading today. There is some great stuff out there, guys, and I just want to share.

Have a great day!



A STUNNING floral chandelier.

I love every single one of Rifle Paper Co.’s wallpapers. Which is your favorite?

Anthony Bourdain has excellent travel tips.

And, how millennials are changing travel

“Freedom to go commando.” That’s a product I can get behind.

Exclamation marks are unstoppable.

How much does it cost to hire your favorite band? These are the kinds of things you need to know!

These The Notebook inspired engagement photos are pretty perfect, right?

Can you guess what they call pie charts in France? Is this real?

Pictures of students before and after their first year of college. Amazing how much a person can change in a year, and yet, not change at all.

Not that I would spend $165 on a tank top, but I’m a little sad that this one is sold out. (DIY maybe?) Here are more great shirts, though.

Priceless Tinder conversations.

This sums up home perfectly.

Anna Wintour’s career advice is a gem.

A summer bruschetta bar party? Yum!

Weekend Links.

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Black and white daisies


Just a few links if your in a in roaming mood.



Do your soul a favor. “Have a big juicy creative life.”

You’ve heard about Chipotle stories? You’ve heard about Solange and Jay Z? You need to read this. Hah.

Trampoline bridge. This would be so fun.

Ever wonder what Kate Middleton’s perfect drop earring length or average curl diameter are? (also her outfits organized by color)

Commercial girl hair. Yes please.

What causes that perfect rainfall smell? Okay, maybe it’s not important to know why but it sure is a nice smell.

Ribbon wrapped chain necklace DIY. I like.

Wanting this skirt.

Avocado and feta guac sounds like something I would love.

Weekend Links.

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photo 3

How has everyone’s weekend been? I finished a semester-long project, had some quality time with great friends, and actually got a full nights sleep. Said a few goodbyes in the last couple days and am getting pumped for this summer. Sitting on my back porch tonight looking at the pretty view above and saw the mosaic below on a walk this morning. Sometimes this little town of ours isn’t so bad. Sappiness aside, here are a few fun links from around the interwebs. Have a great one, friends!

photo 1



Hahaha to this hipster pinboard.

Could you live in 84 square feet?

A magic button.

How do you feel about Birkenstocks?

That Jenna Lyons… She’s a marketing master.

Everything Will and Kate is perfect. This video included.

An important viewpoint on fashion.

Love the look of this office.

Um, YES I want to learn to dance like Beyonce.

I love when old is combined with new. Social media icons on Edward Hopper paintings.

These rejections sent to famous people are oddly comforting.

I got a chance to smell the new Dolce & Gabana Dolce and ooh, its good.

21 things you need to know about West Virginia.

Weekend Links.

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enjoy today

Hi all! Isn’t that such a great little motto? Goes perfect with the #100happydays challenge. How was your week? Hope you had a great one! My weekend will consist of working on a couple marketing plans, takeout sushi, and going the Pirates game tomorrow! I have a packed week, so I am trying to get a headstart on some work things. Per usual weekend, I have quite a few funsies to share with you from around the internet!

April means both Mad Men and Game of Thrones return. Yes! Speaking of GoT, if you’re into it, this emoji recap sums it up perfectly.

Seriously, social media’s place in this world is so fascinating. This TED Talk about using online data is an interesting one.

This dancing ability kills me. So impressive.

How to be successful. Noted.

Do you use Amazon Smile? Add smile. to the front of any Amazon link and they donate a percentage of purchases to the charity of your choice.

This advice might have been helpful Friday morning.

An awesome  MASH sweatshirt! And the memories come flooding back…

You are only two steps away from a bathing suit beach body. Love this!

Take me to Paris.

Naming products sounds like a dream job.

Emoji shoes. Hah! It was only a matter of time.

One of my favorite brands has expanded to coffee.

Target thoughts. Every. Single. Time.

I want to eat these spice crab wonton nachos.

Yoga makes you a nicer person.