Let’s Catch Up.

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Decent amount of time no post, huh? I realized early on that if this little ol’ blog took away from living life, I would probably tire of it reaaaal quick. #bloggeroftheyear #not

Well, now here we are a week later and I missed blogging! My queue on Bloglovin’ will tell you that I haven’t been reading many blogs either, unfortunately. Both change right now.

Honestly, the marketing plans and university portfolio I’ve been working on are probably not the most interesting things to hear about. Part of the reason I blog, though, is to document the cool little things in my life. I have been up to some fun things lately, believe it or not, so without further ado…

WVU Gold-Blue Game


This is the spring game my university has every year. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and perfect for my business fraternity’s, Alpha Kappa Psi’s, spring alumni tailgate. Cornhole, tailgating food, and the Mountaineer (who happens to be a brother of the fraternity, too!) – what more could you need (okay…and drinks)?

Yellow Rose

yellow rose

Yellow Rose is the annual spring formal of AKPsi and was such a crazy fun time. I’ll just leave you with some pictures from the night and say I realized how much I’m going to miss these people next year!

Girl’s Shopping Trip


My momma, her best friend, and my sister took a trip to Easton and Polaris shopping centers in Columbus for a couple days last weekend and it was so nice! Did I mention that we left the morning after Yellow Rose? Whew. Rough. Katie (that’s the sis) and I both needed graduation dresses, so of course we had to make an event of it. We came out of it with some great finds and a ton of inside jokes. Seriously, the trip was so fun.

PNC Roll of Academic Excellence


This is a award given to business students for academics. Really, the good part was that my dad came to town for the ceremony. The afternoon was not near enough time to spend together. I’m a shameless daddy’s girl for life.

And more…!


Not too much more. Eating Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil (so good!), playing Qwirkle (Has anyone else ever played?), and channeling warm weather with pastels. 

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Do you have the bipolar weather we’ve had? Are you sick of everyone talking about it?

Have a great day!



Paper Flower Picture Frame.

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finished product

Some people collect Beanie Babies or sports equipment. Me? I collect craft supplies (and nail polish but that’s a whole other post). You never know when you are going to need glitter or scrapbook paper, right?

On a related note, I was just somehow lead to “compulsive hoarding” on Wikipedia and found out a symptom of hoarding is holding onto a large number of items that most people would consider not useful or valuable, like “things that might be useful for making crafts.” Great. So, this is my life. Moving on…

It had been a while since I had dug into my craft stash, and I’ve been itching to do something creative. I found this picture frame that needed sprucing up hidden in a draw and realized it would be the perfect spring craft, which would be a perfect #BloggersDoSpringBetter post (read more about that below). Don’t you just love when the stars align?

I have obviously been all about flowers this spring and these 3D tissue paper flowers are no exception. Cue, Miranda Preistly…

I really do absolutely love how this turned out. There is something so fresh about dainty paper flowers grouped together. Did I sound like a real DIY blogger there? Don’t let words like “fresh” and dainty” fool you. The steps are really easy for this. It just takes  a little bit of time to make the flowers.


First, gather supplies. You will need a picture frame to actually decorate (this is from Michaels I do believe), glue (a basic glue stick ended up being easier to work with than liquid glue, but either works), string, scissors, something sharp (like a pen or paper clip) and tissue paper in many colors.


Start by making a bunch of little tissue paper flowers. This tutorial explains it really well, and I’m not going to try to do a better job. The only changes I made were that I used a paper clip to punch holes for the string since I was cutting smaller petals and I made various colors, sizes, and petal shapes. You can go ahead and trim off the string close to the knot.

flowers 2

flowers 1

Once you have a good stockpile, you can start gluing the flowers to the picture frame. There is no real rhyme or reason. Just place a lot of glue in one area, and then add the premade flowers.

flower crafting

That is seriously all! Add a photo and you are good to go! What do you think?



Touch Of Belle

I’ve started a new blogging challenge with Gemma with Touch of Belle! The challenge is to do a post every two weeks based on a particular topic. This week’s topic was Bloggers do Spring Better! If you would like to join along with the challenge, e-mail Gemma at touchofbelle@gmail.com or comment here. I am so excited to see everyone’s posts today.

Weekend Links.

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enjoy today

Hi all! Isn’t that such a great little motto? Goes perfect with the #100happydays challenge. How was your week? Hope you had a great one! My weekend will consist of working on a couple marketing plans, takeout sushi, and going the Pirates game tomorrow! I have a packed week, so I am trying to get a headstart on some work things. Per usual weekend, I have quite a few funsies to share with you from around the internet!

April means both Mad Men and Game of Thrones return. Yes! Speaking of GoT, if you’re into it, this emoji recap sums it up perfectly.

Seriously, social media’s place in this world is so fascinating. This TED Talk about using online data is an interesting one.

This dancing ability kills me. So impressive.

How to be successful. Noted.

Do you use Amazon Smile? Add smile. to the front of any Amazon link and they donate a percentage of purchases to the charity of your choice.

This advice might have been helpful Friday morning.

An awesome  MASH sweatshirt! And the memories come flooding back…

You are only two steps away from a bathing suit beach body. Love this!

Take me to Paris.

Naming products sounds like a dream job.

Emoji shoes. Hah! It was only a matter of time.

One of my favorite brands has expanded to coffee.

Target thoughts. Every. Single. Time.

I want to eat these spice crab wonton nachos.

Yoga makes you a nicer person.



March 2014 Ipsy Bag.

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It’s that time again – Ipsy! I seriously get so excited each month when hot pink mailer arrives. This month’s box had four products. I don’t usually add up the prices of the items I receive because I care more about if I actually like what I get, but I thought I would add it up this month to give us both an idea of the value.


First, the bag. Now, this doesn’t have a price associated because 1. they are custom to Ipsy and 2. they are not sold separately, but the monthly bags definitely add value to the subscription.


Okay, so it kinda looked like body cells made out of nail polish to me at first, but once I was told this month’s theme was “Destination Beauty” and local artist Klari Reis made the print based on San Fran’s neighborhoods, it made a little more sense. Here are the products I received and my thoughts on each:

Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready by Bare Minerals (1.5 g) – Approximate retail value $7.50

Please and thank you! Beautiful rose color with a great smooth formula and satin finish. Because you can never have enough good lip products.

IMG_1779 IMG_1781

Roughless Nail Polish in On What Grounds by Nicole by OPI (o.5 fl oz) – Retails $7.99 I was surprised to get an OPI polish. Let me preface by saying that I own and have used textured polishes that I really like. (See one here) Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Something about the texture, lack of glitter, and color makes your nails literally look like a robins egg. It doesn’t apply well at all. Not a fan, but maybe this would be good for Easter if you’re into themes? Or something. I don’t know. What I do know, though, is that when I put two coats of clear topcoat on top, I really liked the color, so there you go.

Body Butter in Indian Coconut Nectar by Pacifica (2.5 fl oz) - Retails $7.00 This smells divine. Totally obsessed with coconut scents. I have about a billion small body lotions floating around to use up but I really can’t wait to use this one! It is a typical body butter, heavy and moisturizing, but the squeeze tube makes it so much nicer to use than the type in tubs.

Eyeshadow Quad in Bora Bora by Be a Bombshell – Retails $16 Can’t really see myself wearing blue eyeshadow anytime soon, but ya never know. The rest of the shades are pretty ones I would use and blend very nicely.   So, three products I really enjoy and a nail polish that isn’t so great. The total value this month was $38.49. Not bad. Does this box make you want to try it out? Subscribe HERE and I will receive some referral points, making me basically love you for always. Tell me, have you gotten anything good from a subscription box lately? I’d love to hear! Hugs, Megan

100 Happy Days.

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Happy April! This month is already looking so busy. Why do I insist on jam packing my days? Why do we all? We are officially a quarter of the way into 2014! That, combined with the fact that spring is finally here, makes now the perfect time to evaluate and even set some goals.

I have projects, papers, and presentations (love that alliteration) pretty much daily for the next four weeks. I won’t lie to myself (or you, my lovely internet friends) and say that the work isn’t going to take up both my time and attention, probably initiating a breakdown or two, or five.

But, I am going to try to avoid that a bit. My goal focus this month is on making sure to appreciate the happy parts of life. If you’re not aware, I will be graduating from college in a little over a month. As cheesy as it might sound, I want to be proactive about enjoying it while I’m here!

Enter, the 100 Happy Days Challenge.


Basically, you document and share something that makes you happy for 100 days. In public to keep us accountable? Perfect. Little challenges like this are fun and realistic way to stay motivated and I love this one’s concept!

Sure, this lasts more than just the month, but a focus on the happy things is definitely something I want to work on this season. I’ll be sharing on my Instagram but I love the point that the 100 Happy Days challenge is not a contest, or for anyone other than you. Why not try it yourself? Send me links to where you are sharing! I’ve already noticed an awareness on happy parts of my days, both big and small. It is amazing what a simple photo will do for your mindset.

 happy days

These are my “happy days” photos so far:


3 4

5 6

7 8

So, that’s my focus: recognizing happiness. What’s yours?




Linking up with The Modern Tulip.


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Pair jeans with a tank top and some sort of cardigan. Throw a pair of flats on and you have a winning combination almost every time. That’s exactly what I did on this sunny day earlier. It was one of the first actual warm days we’ve had, so I was definitely giddy with sunshine.

POlka dots

I love this sheer top. A cami is definitely necessary underneath, though. Sheer details are everywhere right now (this top and this skirt are so nice) and are especially wearable in spring and summer. And then there are the polka dots. They pretty much never go out of style and scream fun to me. I don’t think they are for everyone, but I seem to be drawn to the print over and over again.


What do you think, polka dots – love or loath? Would you wear the sheer trend? Linking up with Monday Funday and Elena and Ani for Monday Bloom.




Weekend Recap.

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend recap. This weekend I spent a super fun weekend visiting the boyfriend in Virginia. I don’t see Michael even close to often enough so I jumped at the chance for the time together!

megan michael

Thursday night I made my way down to Blacksburg. Always glad for good driving weather. Not to mention, three day weekends are the best! Friday, we started the day with a lovely morning walk and ended with dinner at Bull and Bones. I love visiting local breweries and was very impressed with Bull and Bones’ beer sampler. I also of course had to rep West Virginia – The Best Virginia!


It ended up raining Saturday, but we took advantage when it let up for a little bit to go to the shooting range (Can we ignore that I look like a wet dog in a big jacket?). I had never touched a gun before, let alone shot one so it was pretty cool for me. Not to toot my own horn, but I did hit my very first clay. It is a lot more fun when you’re hitting targets, I’ll tell you that. Another first was going to my first wine tasting. It sounds like all we did was drink but I promise it’s not! Michael actually takes a school course on wine, so he’s taught me some about tasting.


The rest of the weekend’s gaps were filled with simple things like grocery shopping, lounging, watching videos, and cooking. These little things are the best to get to do together when you’re in a LDR (long distance relationship) though. I have to be honest, the last few years living 250 miles apart has not always been fun, but I’m a lucky girl.


We did finally watched American Hustle. I am still trying to make my way through the Oscar’s Best Picture nominees (Her and Dallas Buyers Club are up next). I  had heard American Hustle was slow, but I enjoyed it. It probably helps that we watched it split over two days.

I ended the weekend back in Morgantown with some Italian food, homework, and planning the week. All in all, a great few days.

Tell me, what did you get up to this weekend? Do you have a favorite Oscar-nominated movie?